Outpatient Resource File


Epoch_OP_ Resource Description

The Epoch Outpatient Resource file was updated on 1/13/2021. It includes the most current Medicare and NYS Medicaid files as listed below:

Federal Court Upholds Transparency Policy

On June 23, 2020, a federal judge upheld a policy that requires hospitals and health insurers to publish their prices for health services.

The American Hospital Association said the administration did not have the legal authority and that it would create overwhelming administrative burdens for hospitals.  The federal judge disagreed saying hospitals need to respond to a market where consumers are more empowered.

Epoch Outpatient Resource file Updates:

Addendum A- 12/29/2020  (Addendum A& B are typically updated quarterly)

Addendum B- 12/29/2020 update

Physician RVU table- 12/28/2020 update (schedule A-January)

Physician Fee Schedule- 1/4/2021 update (schedule A-January)

Medicare Clinical Lab Fee Schedule- 1/5/2021

Addendum M Composites- 12/7/2020 2021 OPPS FR update (CMS updated annually)

Status Indicators (addendum D1)- 12/7/2020 2021 OPPS FR update (CMS updated annually)

IP only list (addendum E)- 12/7/2020 2021 OPPS FR update OPPS FR update (CMS updated annually)

OTP FR fee schedule- 12/7/2020

Medicaid APG History and Fee Schedule:

APG Based Weights- 1/1/2020

APG Procedure Based Weights- 1/1/2020

APG Fee Schedule Procedures- 7/1/2019

Revenue code table- OPPS Final Rule (CMS updated annually)

OCE edit table- Jan 1, 2020 (CMS updated annually)