CDM and Order Menu Review

MP900182803The Charge Description Master (CDM) combined with the order / charge entry interface is your single most important tool for generating complete and accurate bills. Maintaining accurate CPT and HCPCS codes, revenue codes, modifiers and descriptions that reflect your services is critical. Payer reporting guidelines change frequently—so must your charge master.

Even if you use CDM support software, a routine CDM review is essential.  Epoch CDM reviews are performed at the department level, we individually meet with each department and review the CDM at a line level basis to verify that all services performed are captured and captured correctly.

The accuracy of your order menu and encounter forms and their link to the CDM is critical for complete and compliant billing. Epoch will work with your staff to review the services ordered and performed to ensure that the services are correctly mapped to the CDM and billing correctly.
For hospitals looking to consolidate multiple CDMs into one standard, Epoch can help. We have worked with large health care groups to rework multiple CDMs into a single standard.

Whether you need a comprehensive review, a focused single department review, ongoing maintenance, or a consolidation of multiple CDMs, our projects are tailored for you.